Why Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss Comments Are Flat Out Offensive

Kim Kardashian isn’t exactly my favorite celebrity. Recently, my opinion of her downgraded even further — if that was even possible.

On Sunday, Kardashian’s sisters Khole and Kendall Jenner complimented her weight loss. These compliments weren’t just the typical oh you lost weight, you look great ones. Oh, no. According to an article in Women’s Health entitled Why Kim Kardashian’s Weight Loss Comments Are So Toxic, her sisters said that she looked “anorexic.” Kendall expressed concern about Kim’s weight, while Khole said “I’ve never seen a human being look this good. You are a walking Face Tune doll.”

Kim’s reaction? “Oh my god, the compliments!” She then said that she’s down to 119 pounds.

As you could imagine, this is pretty much screwed up. And, this can trigger someone who suffers from an eating disorder. These comments are ignorant and offensive to those who actually suffer from an eating disorder.

Imagine if you’re a young girl whose already insecure about her body weight, and you’re tuning into this Instagram. You’re a huge fan of the Kardashians, and you see that. You’ll think that if she’s this weight, and you’re not, then you’re the one who is overweight. And, that’s not true at all.

Furthermore, this discussion is offensive to people who suffer from an eating disorder. First and foremost, they said that they are so “skinny that she’s anorexic.” And, it was taken positively!

As you and I both know, anorexia isn’t a positive thing. It is a dangerous one. It can send someone down a dangerous path — especially if someone is recovering.

According to the article, many people on social media referred to these comments are triggering. And, they are not wrong. A trigger, according to the article, is something that is “defined as something that sets off cravings in recovering individuals.”

This, as you can imagine is triggering. They are practicially glorifying her weight loss, and the importance of being skinny. Not good.

Furthermore, what’s more alarming is that Kim mentioned a specific number for her weight. For anyone listening to that, especially with someone with an eating disorder, they make think ok, this is where they are at. I need to get lower than that. 

Additionally, it’s also offensive because they are freely using the term anorexic. Saying that someone is so skinny that they are anorexic is offensive. It means that they need to be that dangerously skinny to be considered normal or beautiful.

And, that is seriously screwed up.

That’s definitely not good for someone to hear in recovery. Or, anyone in general. It’s offensive and insensitive.

And, believe it or not, people really do look up to the Kardashians. Hearing this conversation could only lead fans down a dangerous road — or even spike an eating disorder.

With that being said, this just shows how culture portrays weight — and how crazy it in fact is. Your weight is just a number. Remember that. It doesn’t matter if you are a size zero. It matters that you are eating a balanced diet and exercising. And yes, that includes the occasional cupcake. Treat yourselves, guys.

At the end of the day, being “skinny” shouldn’t be an aspiration. Being healthy should be.

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