Let’s Hear It For The Women

In case you already haven’t heard through social media, today is the 43rd International Women’s Day. Today is a day that we celebrate all women, all that we’ve accomplished, and all that they aspire to day. Furthermore, I think it’s so important that we acknowledge women and the crucial role they play in our society.


I’m a tiny bit biased when I say this, but we would be nothing without women. However, we fail to acknowledge their worth, for whatever reason. And, that’s unfair. Women are just as valuable as men.

So, why do we continue to belittle them? Why does a woman make less than a man? Why do women continue to struggle to be taken seriously? And, why do the rules continue to be written differently according to gender?

Beats me.

Therefore, today’s let’s hear it for all of the women out there. Because, let’s face it, we’re pretty badass. Women can accomplish anything that men can do. But, what makes them different is that we do it while wearing dresses, and wearing high heels. We do it while dealing with the mind numbing cramps of menstruation, the pain of childbirth, and the craziness of pregnancy.

This is why they deserve a voice. What’s awesome about it, is that in the past year, they have been using it. Women have been speaking up in movements such as #MeToo and marching in Washington. We almost had a woman president. They have been getting louder, and getting things done.

And, I think that it’s awesome — despite the fact that we still have a long way to go. But, we’ve made progress from over 50 years ago. And, today we should applaud that.

Let’s be honest, women have the ability to rule the world — no matter what their rule is. So, today, let’s hear it for all of the ladies out there. Let’s hear it for the single mothers who work hard to be both mom and dad while maintaining a full time job. Let’s hear it for the millennials that are working hard just to find a place in this world as a young professional. Let’s hear it for the stay at home mothers who make sure their house is a happy home for their families. Let’s hear it for the single career women who work hard everyday to make an impact. Let’s hear it for the social workers who are impacting their patients, one by one.

But, most importantly, let’s hear it for the girls. You know, the little women who will inherit the world. Let’s give them hope and a better world than what we had. Let’s remind them that they can do anything that they set their mind to. Let’s remind them that while they can be princesses, they also can be superheroes. 

Today we celebrate all of them. Today we celebrate progress. Today we celebrate women.

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