Rest In Peace, Grandma


My grandmother, Joanne, passed away last Friday. Therefore, I would like to dedicate today’s post to both remember and pay tribute to her.

When I think about my grandmother, one of the first things that comes to mind is her ability to overcome obstacles. My grandmother was 21167183_10214128900644899_7406489053310996333_odiagnosed with Polio Disease when she was younger. Although she made a full recovery, she still had roadblocks. Despite them, she still had two children — something she was told she couldn’t do — as well as had a long lasting career.

You go, grandma.

But, what I remember most about her, is the pride that she had for each and every one of her grandchildren. She wanted to be there for all of the big moments — birthdays, holidays, high school graduations, college graduations and proms.

One thing I will never forget is when I graduated college. She — along with my grandfather — watched the livestream on her home computer since she couldn’t make the commencement. I remember as I was walking onto the stage, she tried to Facebook Message me to tell me that she was watching. She instead video-called me instead, which I did decline. Later on, she shared every post that I had, just to tell her friends that her granddaughter had graduated.

But, while the big moments are great, she was also there for the little ones — conversations on the phone, her picking me up from class or bringing me to driver’s ed, and Sunday dinners. While I can’t remember the date of those little moments, they are woven into the fabric of our relationship.

While my grandmother loved her human children and grandchildren, she also had a special place in her heart for her furry children. I can never remember my grandparents without a dog — Callie, Max, and Bandit. She loved all of her dogs, and showered them with love, as well as treats and toys. She had even bought Bandit a Coach collar and a raincoat.

What’s devastating to me about the loss of my grandmother, is that there will be no more little moments and even the big moments. I will never again hear her voice say “hey Nat” at the other end of the phone. I will never again visit her with flowers and eat cookies with her after Christmas. I never really visited my grandmother towards the end of her life, and that’s something that I will always regret. I would give anything just to tell her one more time that I love her one more time, or for one more text message on my birthday.21105547_10214128900444894_873189239676249748_n

While I will miss my grandmother, I know that wherever she is now, she is in peace, and watching QVC in heaven with her dogs by her side. And, she’s probably wearing the high heels that she always wanted to wear.


Rest in Peace, Grandma. I love you.

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