Top 13 Of My Favorite Song Lyrics

Song lyrics are their own breed of poetry. While most of the music in today’s music (at least in my opinion), is geared towards radio plays, there’s something about a song that holds poetic and is beautiful meaning. Lyrics often have the power to inspire you to get through what’s bothering you, or to relate to whatever is bothering you.

Over the years, there are many lyrics that have continued to touch me or really capture me. So, I’ve decided to compile them in this list.

  1. I won’t break/I won’t bend/But someday soon we’ll sail away/to innocence/and the bitter end — Simple Life — Elton John
  2. If our love is a circus, then you’d be a clown by now — I’m Still Standing — Elton John
  3. You got to lose to know how to win — Dream On — Aerosmith
  4. I never thought I’d lose/I only thought I’d win/I never dreamed I’d win/I never dreamed I’d feel/this fire beneath my skin/I can’t believe you love me/I never thought you’d come/I guess I misjudged love/between a father and his son — The Last Song — Elton John
  5. You write such pretty words/but life’s no storybook — Lover I Don’t Have To Love — Bright Eyes
  6. I am human and I need to be loved just like everyone else does — How Soon Is Now? — The Smiths
  7. It’s always darkest before dawn — Shake It Out — Florence and the Machine
  8. I can get by without a man’s wealth/I could do bad my damn self — Il Na Na — Foxy Brown
  9. I’ve poured out the pleasure/dealt with the pain/standing in a station/waiting in the rain/I’m starting to feel a little muscle/love is lost like a runaway train — Runaway Train — Elton John
  10. I’d believe in anything were it not for you/showing me by just existing this is true/I love you, I love you/without question/that’s true — Without Question — Elton John
  11. I believe in love/love is all we got/love has no borders/no boundaries to cross — Believe — Elton John
  12. And suddenly I’m flying/flying like a bird/like electricity, electricity/sparks fly inside of me/and I’m free, I’m free — Electricity — Elton John
  13. You tell me it gets better, it gets better with time/you tell me put myself together/pull it together/you’ll be fine/tell me what the hell do you know/what do you know/how could you know — Til It Happens To You — Lady GaGa

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