Focus Less On Others’ Opinions, More On You

There are so many people in this world who seem to have an opinion. Well, that’s understandable, because everyone has one, although some are more outspoken to share it then others are.

With all of these opinions floating around in the air, it is easy to follow the sounds of those voices, rather than listen to your own. As a disclaimer, when you do that, you often become unhappy. And, isn’t the point of life is lead one to be happy, whether or not it pleases the people around you?

It’s easier said than done. Many people who have opinions often come from weird sources. For instance, many people often believe the notion that if they were able to do that without problem, you should too.

For example, when I was in college, I took four classes instead of the typical five that was recommended. However, I found it difficult to manage working at a newspaper, working at another job, and managing a course load that size. Therefore, I took four classes for my last three semesters, just because it was what I could manage and still maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Many people often questioned why I was doing that. A few comments that I got included: why don’t you want to get the classes out of the way so you can graduate on time? Aren’t you wasting money when you can get an extra class out of the way? Can’t you just get better at time management? Don’t get me wrong — I appreciated hearing everyone’s input on how I should do things. Those were some things that I considered. I did have to graduate a semester later because of it. I also talked about it with my mom — who was paying my tuition — who said that it was fine to do so. And of course, I used a planner and wrote everything down.

What no one asked me was how I benefited from doing that. Because I had less classes to focus on, I managed to get the best grades in my entire college career — I’m talking a 3.85 GPA.  

Overtime, I began to realize something. The less I tuned into what everyone else had to say about how I lived my life, the more I enjoyed it. Therefore, I believe you should focus on one thing — on doing what makes you happy.

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