I Deserve It

I spent so much time —

crying and burying myself

in sadness.

I struggled with the weight on my shoulders —

its pain overpowering me.

But, no more.


I let it go.

I release it into the air —

almost as if it is a hundred ballots that I release towards heaven,

or dandelions whose petals are thrown into the wind.

I have wings,

I am flying now,

floating on the estasy of leaving this behind.




I deserve to be happy.

I went through enough,

so that’s the least that could happen.

I deserve a champion —

a prize fighter like Rocky.


I move forward,

hopeful that he shows up.


But, yet.


I don’t regret any of it.

It made me stronger,

it made me a fighter.

After all, I am Italian,

you know like Tony Soprano or John Gotti.

Getting through everything made me realize

I am worth it,

which is why I am cocky,

which is why I am full of myself.

It’s why I fly away from the clouds,

ready to feel the rays of the sun.

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