Aftermath of Manchester

Last night, there was an attack in Manchester, England at an Ariana Grande concert. At least 22 are dead, and over 50 are injured – not mention countless others missing.

When I heard the news – a notification on my phone during my first book club meeting – my heart broke.

This was a concert, one with innocent children and young adults. They were looking forward to seeing their favorite artist, and to hearing their favorite songs. They didn’t deserve this. It breaks my heart to hear a mother frantically cry for her daughter to come home. It breaks my heart to hear that these innocent children are victims to a crime that is so unjust. It breaks my heart to the footage of the attack.

And, all they did was go to a concert.

It’s sad that these have become more and common, and it’s sad that we’ve become immune to the intensity of attacks such as these. Right now, I’m thinking of Paris, Orlando, Nice – and those who lost their lives or suffered injuries. I’m thinking about the children who are victims to this, and the tomorrow that they have to live in. Those children have to live in fear. Those children will sadly never be children again. Stealing the innocence of a child is perhaps the most tragic loss of all.

So, today I pray for Manchester. I pray for those who are injured, those who are deceased, Ariana Grande, and those who anxiously await for news on their children. But, I also pray for the world, for peace, and a better tomorrow.

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