Love Yourself On This Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I’m pretty certain that everyone’s newsfeed is going to be jam-packed with pictures of happy couples either proclaiming how lucky they are to have that person in their life, or with happy couples celebrating the day.

As a single person, Valentine’s Day is often the day when you indulge yourself in tons of wine/chocolate. It is the day when you sulk, and wonder if your day will ever come to ever get a Valentine. I know this, because this time last year, I was one of those single people who felt sorry for her in the corner.

However, I soon realized something. Valentine’s Day is a day filled with love right? But, who said that love should only be from a significant other or someone in a relationship? Why can’t I celebrate the self-love?

No one. I don’t think that’s in the Valentine’s Day rulebook, if that’s such a thing.

Therefore, all of you single people out there on this Valentine’s Day, why don’t you treat yourself. Treat yourself to a cupcake, a latte, that bracelet that you always wanted, or whatever else makes you happy. Instead of sitting around and wondering if you’ll ever go on the love boat, why don’t you canoe on by with your best friend?

Self-love is something that should be celebrated too. Sorry, Cupid. And, this isn’t exclusive to those who are single — everyone can treat themselves.

This Molten Chocolate Frappuccino was an amazing treat!

On this Valentine’s Day, I don’t have a human Valentine (I decided to buy my dog some doggie biscuits), however I am not unhappy about it. Instead of sulking about what I don’t have, I decided to treat myself a couple of new things, and went to Starbucks for a molten chocolate Frappuccino and a cake pop. And, the entire time, I kept on thinking to myself, damn, I deserve it. Why? Because, I am awesome.

It’s all about perspective people. I may not have a boyfriend on this February 14th, but maybe next year, I will? And, instead of focusing on what I don’t have, let me take a moment to appreciate what I do have. I have some great friends, a great mom, and an adorable puppy, with which I will be spending tonight cuddling with.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my fellow singles (and even those who are in couples)! No matter what your relationship status is, be sure to show yourself and the world some love to all that are in your life.

Photo Credit for Featured Image: Odyssey Online. 

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