A Letter to The New President

Dear President Trump,

Three days ago, you’ve inherited a country that is divided. Two days ago, millions of women all over the world marched to make their voices heard.

Throughout your campaign, you have made several derogatory comments about women, African Americans, Latinos, LGBTQIAA and countless others. You have threatened, you have Tweeted and you have made your voice heard.

Now, I want you to hear mine.

Trump, this country needs a leader to make them feel that they are included. This country needs you to listen to the people who occupy it, the people who are different versus trying to build a wall to keep them out. This country is made of a melting pot of people with different points of view, different ethnic backgrounds, and different experiences. Listen to each and every one of those voices, because right now they feel as if you are going to shut them out.

That is something that a President should not being doing.

You promised that you will make America great again. Well, part of that promise is to not take away the access people have to affordable health care and birth control. Part of that promise is to not repeal all of the gay marriage laws that people have fought years to have Yes, there is a lot of fault in the system. I am not denying that.However, you have the power to make it better.

I was not one of the women who marched on Saturday. I also did not vote for you, and was sickened about the fact that you won the election. However, I am hopeful that you will at least try to make this country better. I am hopeful that you will improve the economic climate of this country. I am hopeful that you will at least think before you Tweet.

And, I am also hopeful that you will listen.

Make America great, Mr. President. Please. But, before you pull the trigger, please think about the people who your new laws may be effecting. This country is counting on you.



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