Sorry (So) Not Sorry For Double Posting

Every now and then on Instagram, I would see people posting a few times a day, for whatever reason. These people would then caption the photos with ‘sorry for double posting…’

My question is why?

I am going to admit it. I am in fact guilty of double posting on more than one occasion. I am that person who posts pictures of her dog, pictures of her coffee/dessert if they look good, or take a thousand pictures of a hike that I go on if the scenery is beautiful. And, I am so not sorry.

I get it. Sometimes, it is annoying to see a continuous amount of pictures from the same account. This especially applies to those people who consistently post a thousand selfies or themselves or with their their significant other. Those people are the ones who I want to scream “yes, we get it, you know how to do the duck face! Do you need to post 10 pictures of you doing that,” or “yes, we get it, you are in love-why do you need to broadcast it on Instagram every day? I just saw you guys yesterday!” We all have at least one of those friends. I bet you could think of one person on your newsfeed that is guilty of this.

With that being said, sometimes it is hard to pick just one picture to post. Sometimes, I want to post the picture I took with my friend on our hike, as well as the picture I took of the pretty waterfall. Or, I wanted to post a bunch of pictures that I took with people that loved from my graduation (I triple posted that day). And, screw your unwritten rules of only being able to post one photo per day. I am going to post both of those photos, cause I want to.

Yes, I said it. It is okay to double post. Hell, it is okay to triple post on some occasions. You can post as much as you want to, because it is your Instagram. It is your choice to post as much as you want. And for those who object? Well, there is an unfollow button. If they get annoyed, then they can use it.

After all, it is your Instagram. You can post as much as you want to, whether that may one photo or 100 photos. Instagram is about taking snapshots of what you are doing, and sometimes, it may take more than one photo to do so. And, you do not need to apologize for using the medium to share.

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