Women Who Work: Shea Witherspoon, Owner of the Sudsy Spoon

I love bath products. For me, they are one of the best things to get for self care, and they always make me feel good about myself whenever I indulge in getting bath products.

Today’s feature is Shea Witherspoon, owner of the Sudsy Spoon. The Sudsy Spoon is an online shop that sells soaps and a few other body care products. And, they are gorgeous. What I really love about The Sudsy Spoon has so many products not only by season, but with popular TV shows. There are a ton of Gilmore Girls products, which is something that I love. Furthermore, all of Witherspoon’s products are perfect for holiday gift giving, and are vegan.

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One of Witherspoon’s handmade soaps, Starry Night. Photo Credit: Shea Witherspoon

So, let’s learn more about the Sudsy Spoon:

  1. How did you get started with the Sudsy Spoon?
  • The Sudsy Spoon started about a year ago after my therapist noticed that I needed an outlet for my mental health. She suggested soap making and I thought she had lost her mind. I found Royalty Soaps on Youtube and realized that I could make really unique and intricate soaps. I started out making bath products like bath bombs and lip balms and wanted something more. I watched a few videos, bought my supplies, and got started. 
  1. Are soaps the only things that you sell?
  • Soaps are my main focus, but I also really enjoy sustainable living. I have dabbled in other sustainable body products such as lotion bars. I also sell whipped soaps which are whipped soaps that feel great on the skin and can be used for washing or shaving.
The In Omnia Paratus Soap is one of my favorites. Photo Credit: Shea Witherspoon
  1. What is the soap making process?
    • Soap making is a really fun process. You combine oils and lye and scent it and color it however you desire. There are so many different creations one can make. I find that the process of soapmaking can be really soothing to watch, so I like to film the process for my Instagram stories. 
  2. I noticed and am so excited to see that you have Gilmore Girls themed soaps. What are some of the other shows or movies you reference?
    • Gilmore Girls is my comfort show. I always know that when I am having a bad day that I can escape to Stars Hollow for a bit. My Gilmore Girls soaps are my main pop culture inspired soaps. I cannot get enough of them. I also have plans to make soaps inspired by my other favorite shows. I am in the process of designing soaps inspired by Parks and Recreation. I think a Ron Swanson Lagavulin soap would be really cool. I also live in a city with a lot of pride, so I have plans on making a Wichita inspired soap collection.
  3. What is your inspiration for the pop culture ones?
    • I get inspiration from soap from everywhere! Gilmore Girls is my main inspiration, but I also find inspiration other places. I made 12 days of Soapmas Advent Calendar and many of those soaps are inspired by my favorite Christmas movies. I have a Charlie Brown inspired soap and a Buddy the Elf inspired soap. I also have a Whipped Coffee inspired soap from the early days of quarantine. I also love the art of Van Gogh, so I have a Starry Night themed soap that I adore.
  4. Will you have any holiday themed ones?
    • My holiday themed soaps drop on November 14th! I have two low top soaps and two high top soaps. The low top soaps are more winter inspired with scents like pine and evergreen. The high top soaps are a little different with one being inspired by the Stars Hollow Winter Carnival scented in Caramel Corn. The other is a night sky inspired soap scented in a duplication fragrance of Twilight Woods.
  5. How has making soaps helped with your mental health?
    • I started making soap every time I was sad. It got to the point where I had so much soap and no way to use it all. I started The Sudsy Spoon as a way to make other people happy with my soaps and to promote mental health.
  6. What soap do you recommend for the gift giving season?
    • There are so many to choose from, but I would say my Soapmas Calendar. It is 12 mini soaps for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. It is the perfect gift for the pandemic because handwashing is so important. The scents range for winter/holiday, to coffee, to masculine/woods, so there is something for everyone. 
  7. What would you like those who have never heard of your brand to know about your soaps?
    • I would like people to know that at The Sudsy Spoon we value the environment and try and be as kind as possible with our packaging. Additionally, we know that everyone has mental health and so we think it is important to start conversations about mental health whenever we can to stop the stigma.
  8. Finally, do you have any advice for anyone who is interested in starting their own business?
    • Consistency is key. I put the majority of my focus on production and not marketing. I did not start to sell product until I was able to market myself. It is so important to be consistent with your social media and to show up for your customers. I also like to show my customers the face behind the brand, so I often share myself on Instagram stories, so people can see that there is a real person behind my brand.
The Be Here Tomorrow Soaps are gorgeous! Photo Credit: Shea Witherspoon.

Be sure to check out Witherspoon’s shop on Instagram as well.

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